Everybody Dies

by Love And Zombies

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I won’t lie
The day Heath Ledger died I was rockin’ my white trash Joker t-shirt
I had no idea
Everyone, everywhere was all, “Eye contact high fives for you!”
Nods I’ve grown accustomed to with my fashion choices

At home the words flash across the screen
“Heath Ledger died.”
And all that I could think of was did they finish filming The Dark Knight
Two Fucking Years is a really long time
Drug overdose or not, please don’t ruin this dream of mine
To see something done right
Distract me from my shitty life

By now you’re probably thinking “What the Fuck Doug?”
Well it’s a cynical analysis
And I don’t want to over-complicate or under-simplify my thoughts
No I don’t feel the need to explain myself
Why don’t you party poopers crucify me
But please keep it down, I’m trying to watch TV

The words flashed across the screen
“Brandon Lee died.”
Will The Crow ever really fly?
Well I didn’t think so, think so, think so
To my surprise

Two Fucking Years is a really long time
Especially at twelve years old, don’t you ruin this dream of mine
I’ve been following those comics my whole life
They distracted me

Celebrities aren’t really people to me
I wish I wasn’t so damn real to other people
(I miss Brittany Murphy movies)
If only I wasn’t hopelessly fucking stuck in my reality

Twenty-Eight Fucking Years wasting my life
What the Fuck do I have to show?
Whatever happened to these dreams of mine?
They’re dead and I’m still here

Three Fucking Years wasting my time
Sitting on these songs like one day I’ll wake up
To everyone screaming every word from the top of their lungs
Irrelevance here’s your closing line
“Everybody Dies.”


released April 24, 2012


all rights reserved



Love And Zombies San Jose, California

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