Makeup Sex

by Love And Zombies

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Makeup Sex 02:47
Feeling like a fucking douche I left the party without you I can't even face your eyes Unable to say goodbye Driving home, why can't this car go faster It's a race against disaster Trying to beat the awful home Safe and sound alone at home Trying hard to write this song An effort to regain my head But all I want to do instead Is slit my wrists and use this USB cord Suffocate the asshole Why does he keep fucking up? Anyway we can make it go faster? Jump her bones in the back Yeah romance her Oh, If I break her heart it'll break my heart Anyway we can run the scene smoother? Kill the needle on the record any sooner Oh, If I break your heart it'll break my heart We're running out of places to go Losing all control What will you do when this dead ends? And no one's left to give shit? Tripping damn, Swerving toward disaster Rocket crashing laughter No one wants to die alone


This is the second Love and Zombies EP.


released January 10, 2010


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Love And Zombies San Jose, California

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